School History

Future Vanguard International Schools started in the academic year 2008 in Abha , the southern region capital city as the first international school in the area that teaches the American curriculum . The schools offer international American educational system to all students in the area .
Future Vanguard International Schools' philosophy and curriculum emphasize instructional leadership and school improvement; the schools arouse around only private and governmental Arabic Schools in a remote area in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the far southern region , Assir , a community of mountains and villages .The school started to challenge the idea that International schools will not succeed in such community . It serves the non Saudi expatriates in the area rather than the Saudi Students after years of neglecting international education of the American curriculum. Curriculum planning here is focused on the needs of each individual student with individual learning plans and a personalized curriculum. The school started with not more than 175 students mainly non Saudis who live in the area . It offer different kind of educational services which the area did not meet before its establishment which support the school staff and administration to challenge the difficulties of being in a very far area away from the modernized cities in the Kingdom . We started in 2008 with a school based curriculum and a non scholastic building with shortage of facilities due to the demography of the mountain environment .As FVIS schools play an increasingly central role in education reform agendas across its place , it becomes more important to have current and comprehensible analysis about how well we do educating our students. Thanks to the owner and stakeholders support which led to progress in student statistics , moving to a new school building , more school modern technology facilities and a systems for regular student achievement testing .It is possible to examine student learning in FVIS schools and compare it to the experience the students would have had in the traditional public schools in the area .This report presents a longitudinal student?numbers' analysis of FVIS schools to show how the school is greatly developed .
  • By time the school adopted and modified an international educational curriculum based on the curriculum used in many American International Schools in the Kingdom .
  • The schools believe that the education process will find its way at any circumstances and also believe that one shouldn't say I can't but has to say : I'll try
  • FVIS schools in Abha considered the academic success of school students was found to be affected by the contours of the FVIS policies under which the schools operate. FVIS provide a unique multilingual and culturally enriching learning experience for its students. By the end of the senior year, students are expected to be proficient in both English , Arabic and French
  • The school syllabuses are continuously updated with the latest editions of books and added with the needed modern technology facilities which enabled its students and staff to present a highly level of learning and teaching English as a second language .This often made the student willing to the learning process
  • FVIS eased shortened the way to learn the international American syllabuses which is based mainly upon common core standards and learning objectives .
  • FVIS stated sets of policies which monitor the educational and administrative process efficiently in a community doesn't have the culture of multinational students in one place

School News

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    Parents Meeting

    One of the most successful meetings of the teachers with the students' parents to discuss certain matters associated with the school's progress and the teaching process.we welcomed all recommendations from all the attendees for the students' benefit...

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    Arabic Department

    Mr. Ahmed Nagy with his nice class 2A , an Arabic class, using multimedia to learn the rules of taking permission. Thank you Mr. Ahmed for such effort and we wish you more success..