School Training & Development

Future Vanguard International School strives to achieve a quality learning environment through strategic and improvement planning. The school leads a policy of continuous development on all sectors and work areas. In 2013, FVIS was accredited from the biggest organization of Accreditation (AdvancED). Since 2013, we have been continually planning for development and improvement in all aspects of the learning and teaching process as well as facilities and support system. Teachers receive in-service training courses on using the most modern teaching strategies, using equipment and materials. At the beginning of the school year, an orientation week is assigned for intensively training the newly hired teachers on the school policies, up to date strategies, behavior system and the use of technology in teaching.
FVIS involves the school community in drawing the development maps and planning for the future. All stakeholders lead the planning process for improving the work inside the school through regular meeting and surveys. The school council includes parents, students, teachers, school leadership and representatives of the community. All members meet regularly to discuss what is being done and what should be improved in the future.
FVIS's facilities are updated regularly and the school tries to provide the school community with all required materials and equipment to facilitate learning and teaching processes. FVIS has adopted an e learning system;"Classera" to support the students, parents and staff members in uploading study materials, training students on exam questions and contacting all school community. Students attend virtual classes conducted after the school day.
To conclude, FVIS strives to reach the sky by introducing the highest standards of education and building social and lifelong skills. In conclusion, FVIS not only emphasizes learning scientific skills but preparing students to be good citizens who are able to build their society's future.
  • Head of Training, Development and Accreditation Division

School News

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    Parents Meeting

    One of the most successful meetings of the teachers with the students' parents to discuss certain matters associated with the school's progress and the teaching process.we welcomed all recommendations from all the attendees for the students' benefit...

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    Arabic Department

    Mr. Ahmed Nagy with his nice class 2A , an Arabic class, using multimedia to learn the rules of taking permission. Thank you Mr. Ahmed for such effort and we wish you more success..